I'm a composer, instrumentalist, band member, audio engineer,  and video assist operator who has been playing in the rock band 900 POUNDG GORILLA,  and creating music for television and film.   The songs for TV appear on such channels as NBC, ABC, CBS, E, The History Channel.   The Discovery Channel, and many others.   900 POUND GORILLA has won a Los Angeles Music Award, made it to the ballot of the 52nd Grammies in 3 categories, and been on numerous record releases.

I went to school and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Songwriting Major from Berklee College of Music with scholarships from ASCAP and SESAC. Before that it was 2 years at UCSD where he played in their Big Band Jazz Ensemble and other small Jazz Ensembles.   Currently,  9PG is working on releasing our second album,  I'm releasing a Johnny Baker 5 Song EP,  and I'm working on new music for Film and Television.

Here's a little more background: People started calling me Johnny Baker at Berklee College of Music. (My name is John Lawrence Baker on my birth certificate.) When I came out to California, a friend from Berklee, Derek Luff, was putting together a publishing company-DL Music. So, I kept the name from then and started publishing music for TV under Johnny Baker. It seems the name is used to describe me when someone is being friendly or funny, so I'm going to roll with it.

Some of the great musicians I've had an opportunity to take lessons from are: Andy Timmons, Ron Pritchett (Evansville Indiana), Garrison Fewell, Bart Walsh, Guy Mann-Dude, Bruce Bouillett, the late, great Jimmie Cheatham, Ed Harkins, (UCSD) William Leavitt (former Berklee guitar head/an inspirational teacher) and Mike Ihde (Berklee) . Geez, reading this tells me I better  go practice.!   Besides playing in 900 Pound Gorilla and various other projects, I also jam with a great guitarist -Tony Gaglio whenever I'm in Oregon .You can check him out at www.milliondollarmovie.com . Here we go!